My-shield® Mold & Mildew

Kill and prevent mold & mildew with this safe and non-toxic antimicrobial solution. My-shield® Mold & Mildew kills and prevents mold regrowth on all surface by forming a protective film that dramatically reduces mold and mildew regrowth for extended periods.

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Safe for use on all surfaces
My-shield® Mold & Mildew is an environmentally-friendly, non-toxic product that is safe to spray on any surface, including fabrics, carpets, walls, tiles, tents or tarps, to name a few.  It forms a transparent film  over surfaces  and continues to fight mold & mildew regrowth for up to 28 days in high humidity environments.

Designed for multiple applications
My-shield® Mold & Mildew has been designed as a pre-wash &  post-wash treatment easily applied by pressure washing, spraying, wiping or fogging. It is suited for a wide range of areas where mold & mildew control is an issue including:

  • ​Public bathrooms, homes, hotels or other accommodation facilities

  • Industries with high temperature and high moisture environments

  • Marine vessels with canopies, sails and other surfaces that may suffer from the effects of mold

  • Rooms with humidifiers or similar devices that increase the moisture content in the air

  • Camping and leisure equipment that is to be stored  or gets damp regularly​