My-shield® Sanitizer & Deodorizer

My-shield® Sanitizer & Deodorizer is a fast acting, non-toxic product that cleans, sanitizes & deodorizes any surface, while removing the most unpleasant of odors without the fear of damage or discoloration to the most sensitive of surfaces.

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Pending EPA Approval
My-shield® Sanitizer & Deodorizer is ideally suited for household & commercial use alike. It’s ideal for deodorizing the car, aircraft, hotel room carpet & curtains, sporting equipment & uniforms, removal of pet smells and cigarette odors all while sanitizing the surface.

Kills 99.99% of harmful germs & viruses
My-shield® Sanitizer & Deodorizer is a fast-acting sanitizer that kills 99.99% of harmful germs & viruses. One single application of this product kills germs and bacteria within 30 seconds and remains effective for up to 28 days on most surfaces.

Alcohol, Bleach & Chlorine free
Most sanitizers and deodorizers available on the market today contain compounds that can be dangerous to our health and the environment, corrosive to surfaces, and harmful to fabrics. My-shield® Sanitizer & Deodorizer is safe and gentle enough to be used by the entire family.

Quickly Removes even the most unpleasant of odors
My-shield® Sanitizer & Deodorizer is easy to apply. Simply point & spray. It removes most unpleasant odors almost instantly. Plus, it sanitizes in the same application.