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  • Measles global outbreak continues to spread
    Measles outbreaks across Europe and Central Asia intensified in the first quarter of 2024, with incidence rates of up to hundreds of times higher than the United States. One of the worst-affected areas this year has been Chicago, where 61 cases have been recorded so far, with 54 percent of these cases in those aged under […]
  • Dad goes Viral on TikTok: Daughter has Pinworms
    While many parents are unaware of the risks, one father made some noise on Tik Tok with a new video: daughter has pinworms. Justin, a dad that runs the TikTok page drumbeatlane took to social media to tell the world of nightmarish parenting situation he was enduring, giving other parents a warning about the shocking secret […]
  • French drugmaker Valneva Vaccinates First Pediatric Trial Patient with “Single-Shot Chikungunya Vaccine”
    Valneva SE announced this week that the first participant has been vaccinated in the Phase 2 clinical trial evaluating the safety and Immunogenicity in children of two different dose levels of Valneva’s single-shot chikungunya vaccine. The Company reported positive pivotal Phase 3 data in adolescents two months ago confirming the immunogenicity and safety profile observed […]
  • Celebrity Cruise Norovirus Outbreak leaves over 90 passengers ill
    With the Celebrity Cruise from Tampa ending on Friday, details have emerged regarding the norovirus outbreak which has left over 90 people ill. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention noted that among the 2,056 passengers, 92 reported illnesses with vomiting and diarrhea. Another eight crew members are also listed as “reported being ill during […]
  • Health Dept Update: Philadelphia Measles Outbreak
    The Philadelphia Department of Public Health is currently tracking an outbreak of measles. Officials stated that “The City” is working to identify everyone who may have been exposed, checking their vaccine status, warning them that they may have been exposed, and issuing quarantine and exclusion recommendations where necessary. Currently, the Health Department is reporting that […]
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  • Norovirus-Centered Clean Hand Definition
    Research to help Operators determine their Noro-E.coli-hep A risk factor. This definition of a Clean Hand is an articulation in search of the science: A Clean Hand in the foodservice and food processing industries is one that is unlikely to transfer pathogens from the hand to food, surfaces or directly to people. Handwashing For Life® […]
  • Food Safety Research Reveals New Handwashing Heroes
    Common ground drives budget sharing to defeat Norovirus Too many times needed food safety research is buried by either a smothering budget or by an agenda to promote an individual position. In April of 2023, Handwashing For Life® joined Ohio State’s Center for Foodborne Illness Research & Prevention in submitting issue I-016 to the FDA’s […]
  • Comparing Pathogen Transfer Rates: Handwash vs. Hand Sanitizer
    Well before COVID, the FDA raised the suggested handwash time from “10-15” to 20 seconds. During COVID, the CDC reinforced the 20-second variant but without the science to support the change. Now that the COVID alarm stage is over, can restaurants go back to 15 seconds? There is also a lack of clarity on the […]
  • The Operator’s Choice Handwash
    A new evidence-based standard for a Clean Hand Many well-intentioned advisers have failed to help operators change handwashing behaviors in Foodservice. Their vague advice, starting with the FDA’s Model Food Code, is not actionable. A synonym for vague is lacking definition and surprisingly, there is no definition for a Clean Hand.  These 7 steps are […]
  • Hand Sanitizer for Visually Soiled Hands: SaniTwice® & SaniOnce™
    Alcohol has an extensive history in safely reducing the risk of infections. There are references back to biblical times of using wine to cleanse wounds. Its success as a hand sanitizer was confirmed during the global COVID experience, and recommended for use where hands are not visually contaminated. Restaurant clientele now expect to have ready […]
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