ESC Brands, LLC specializes in the development of nano antimicrobial coatings and antiviral technologies.

Our products are designed to address the world’s ongoing battles against pandemics and disease transfer, with a particular focus on mosquito-borne illnesses such as Malaria, Zika virus, Dengue fever and the West Nile virus.

Current ESC brands include My-shield®, My-shield® For Pets, Germfree24®, PharmaCare and Enviro-cide™  which include personal care products, cleaners, sanitizers and disinfectants, pet care products, institutional products, insect repellents and specialized coatings – will benefit many Industries and assist disadvantaged populations throughout the world all while reducing the environmental impact in the process.

Decreasing the transfer of mosquito-born viruses alone could save millions of lives annually. ESC hopes to make a profound, positive impact on our world and will fight the spread of infections and diseases, all while preventing harmful chemicals from entering the environment.