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Zetrisil® An extra level of protection

What is Zetrisil?

Zetrisil® is a proprietary nano-based silicone compound created by ESC Brands that is used solely or in conjunction with either isopropyl alcohol or conventional quaternary ammonium compounds.  Zetrisil® effectively protects and/or “shields” the area it is applied to from bacterial contamination by way of a long-lasting, cationic-charged, nano-silicone coating.

How does Zetrisil® work?

Our Zetrisil-based formulations are effective as a bacterial static to broad spectrum kill against germs & bacteria, with the additional benefit of protection for up to 28 days per application.

How is the efficacy of our products measured?

The analysis technique for determining the surface charge of nanoparticles in a solution (colloids) is called “Zeta Potential”.  Nanoparticles have a surface charge measured in millivolts that attracts a thin layer of ions of opposite charge to the nanoparticle surface.

Why is Zeta Potential important for Disinfectants & Sanitizers?

The greater the positive charge disinfectants or sanitizing solutions have, the greater killing effect against negatively charged germs & bacteria, by way of opposite pole magnetic attraction.

How does Zeta Potential improve the efficacy of Disinfectants & Sanitizers?

The majority of germs & bacteria are negatively charged nano particles. With a positively charged disinfectant and/or sanitizer they will be attracted to each other and agglomerate the negatively-charged germs or bacteria particles around the positively-charged disinfectant or sanitizer solution therefore improving the kill time and efficacy rate per volume of liquid, disinfectant or sanitizer.

Can Zeta potential kill germs and bacteria magnetically?

Yes. By way of changing the magnetic charge around the germ or bacteria cell, it can damage the cell wall membrane causing osmosis imbalance to the germ or bacteria, causing the cell wall to rupture, lyse and explode.

Zeta Potential Assessment
An aliquot of 10 mL was taken from each sample and placed in the zeta check cylinder. Each measurement was completed in 30 seconds. Analysis was performed in duplicate. Results are summarized in Table 1. It was found that both the samples showed incipient stability.

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