Safer, cleaner, and greener products

BLUEFIELD, W.v. (WVVA) — The Blue Prince Plaza located in Bluefield is receiving a new tenant and cutting-edge medical technology to follow.

ESC Brands purchased the 180,000 square foot complex from the Preservati family.

The company is looking to transform the facility into a manufacturing laboratory and warehouse.

This new-age disinfectant will be combine with silicon, creating a safer, longer-lasting product that will combat an array of viruses, including COVID-19.

ESC Brands owner, Bruce Smyth, says this technology could be the future for sanitation technology.

County officials hope it will increase an economic draw towards Mercer County.

“Our technology kills magnetically or electro-statically, so what I’m saying is that it’s a safer kill and it gives persistence, so we believe that it’ll be the future,” said Bruce Smyth, ESC Brands CEO.

“We’re down to one open area still to be rented,” said Frank Brady, the chairman for Mercer County Economic Authority. “So with ESC Brands coming in as our anchor, we really look forward to a greater things yet from Mercer County. “

Smyth says ESC brands has the ability to provide 300 jobs for the Mercer County area.