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Two New My-shield Products Approved by the EPA in the U.S.

ESC Brands LLC announced  EPA approvals with a subsequent “N” listing over the next couple of days for two disinfectant products designed to stop the spread of germs, bacteria and viruses – particularly Covid 19. My-shield Broad Spectrum Disinfectant (EPA Reg# 94196-4) and My-shield Hospital Disinfectant (EPA Reg# 94196-3) are both powerful formula’s that can […]

ESC Brands to move into Blue Prince Plaza

BLUEFIELD, W.v. (WVVA) — The Blue Prince Plaza located in Bluefield is receiving a new tenant and cutting-edge medical technology to follow. ESC Brands purchased the 180,000 square foot complex from the Preservati family. The company is looking to transform the facility into a manufacturing laboratory and warehouse. This new-age disinfectant will be combine with […]

As The World Focuses on Coronavirus Another Devastating Health Threat Is Brewing

THOR BENSON, BUSINESS INSIDER While the world struggles to end the COVID-19 pandemic, experts say we’re already dealing with another global infectious-disease threat. Antibiotic-resistant bacteria don’t get as much attention as COVID-19, since the diseases they cause spread slowly and steadily, rather than taking the world by storm in a short period of time. But bacteria could […]

O’Neal: Mercer County has momentum with latest job announcement – WV MetroNews

By Jeff Jenkins June 4, 2021 – 1:25 pm GREEN VALLEY, W.Va. — The executive director of the Mercer County Development Authority says the leaders of a North Carolina company that’s expanding into his county have been impressed with the “level of responsiveness” by state officials including Gov. Jim Justice and those in the Department of Commerce and […]

ESC Brands to bring 300 or more positions to Blue Prince Plaza location

Bruce Smyth, center, owner of ESC Brands, speaks at a press conference, Thursday. ESC Brands is starting Phase I of a three-phase plan that will eventually include a new 200,000 sq. ft. manufacturing facility at the Blue Prince Plaza. By CHARLES BOOTHE Bluefield Daily TelegraphJun 4, 2021 BLUEFIELD — A company locating in the Blue […]

My-shield “Zetrisil” effectiveness against SARS CoV-2 tested in excess of 99.9%

Through regular testing initiated by ESC Brands, LLC, India’s National Interactive Research School for Health Affairs, (IRSHA) has confirmed that our proprietary formula “Zetrisil” – a key ingredient in many products including “My-shield” is 99.9% effective against SARS CoV-2 for the following products: My-shield Surface Sanitizer is effective for 49 days after a single application My-shield Laundry […]

Benefits Of Alcohol-Free Hand Sanitizer

In the absence of soap and water, hand hygiene protocol recommends using a hand sanitizer. There are three active ingredients approved for hand sanitizer manufacturing; one is alcohol-free (benzalkonium chloride, “BZK”), and two are alcohols (ethanol, isopropyl). Trending amid the global health crisis are injuries and deaths from accidental and international misuse and abuse of […]